These past few weeks I have been actively involved in forming an Artist's Co-op here in Colorado Springs and it has been so incredibly exciting! We are hoping to actually open by late spring and have located a great location in Old Colorado City. What I can forsee is getting my interested students involved and possibly selling their art through my involvment with this project. How great would that be? I not only get the opportuniy to teach you a new art, but get to help you sell it as well! I will post more as it progresses. If you are interested in becoming part of this venture, just contact me - there's still enough room at this point for a few more great talents!

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    Corinne says...

    As the Owner/Instructor of Crafty U I would like to thank our participants. The classes were fun and taught ME a lot! I'll carry the memories of the laughs with me forever. I hope you'll join us often to see what's happening as things are always changing at
    Crafty U!


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