Beginner's Crochet Class was a hit tonight! All the students breezed through class and all students were making a scarf before class was over! WOW! They all doubted their ability to learn anything when they first stepped into the studio - but I was bound and determined to prove them wrong - and I did! LOL Lots of laughs (again) - but with their determination to learn, there was no stopping them! Thanks for a great night, ladies!
These past few weeks I have been actively involved in forming an Artist's Co-op here in Colorado Springs and it has been so incredibly exciting! We are hoping to actually open by late spring and have located a great location in Old Colorado City. What I can forsee is getting my interested students involved and possibly selling their art through my involvment with this project. How great would that be? I not only get the opportuniy to teach you a new art, but get to help you sell it as well! I will post more as it progresses. If you are interested in becoming part of this venture, just contact me - there's still enough room at this point for a few more great talents!
A busy and fun week! We had a group of crocheters who, collectively, could have crocheted apparel for the whole city! They were intent on getting it "right" and the results were impressive! One student took back-to-back classes and started the evening with "Basic Crochet", then continued right on to the "Lacy Crochet Scarf" - see the results for yourself! Beautiful!

Then on to Collage Class - getting messy is definitely part of the fun! Glue, paint, paper cutting and assembling, results in personalized art worthy of framing. Students take home papers and other decorations to complete the projects at home, if needed... (some are actually artistic enough to finish the piece by end of class). I even get the honor of learning new techniques discovered by the students during their session! Wonderful stuff!
Thanks to Donna for allowing us to post her picture as she creates 2 pendants from our Stamped Metal Jewelry Class on March 1st! What great pieces! Can you believe she's never done this before?

    Corinne says...

    As the Owner/Instructor of Crafty U I would like to thank our participants. The classes were fun and taught ME a lot! I'll carry the memories of the laughs with me forever. I hope you'll join us often to see what's happening as things are always changing at
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